About us

EYE OF AWARENESS is a label name of unique female clothing designs made by WENDY AND JAKKE. It is our passion to make a woman's world a little more beautiful and to make her see her beauty. We encourage her to open the beautiful flower she is, but sometimes forget. We love it to relight that feminine flame burning in every woman from every size and every shape. We see that beauty, true the eye of awareness, and feel at our best when we are able to take all these qualities to the service and the lady walks out of my shop with the sparkle in her eyes remembering the gift of nature that she is: a woman!

I, Wendy, have always been a traveller, a gipsy at heart. About 12 years ago I found my way in India where I saw many lovely fabrics. I met my dear friend mister Rakesh. He had a small shop and I wanted to buy some cloths from him. That was the start of our long lasting relation as friends and partners. He worked his way up and today he has a well running factory with eighty happily working people.


I use to sell clothes on the streets, wherever I was and needed a meal. From the moment I met my beautiful man Jakke, almost 5 years ago, we started to take our passion a little more serious. Today we have our own festival shop and work together all over Europe. 


Jakke and I are a match made in heaven on earth, and together we are creating a beautiful new collection every year! 


Please, enjoy your visit in our online store or in our festival shop.