Sexy Cute Cabaret

 Ook yeah !one of my favorite I feel good and i Just want to be damm Hot sexy this dress with heels or on my barefeet...she is jummy body fits me like a glove dress on these occasions you Just want to be a lioness 



Smart design for EU-sizes 36 - 42


Check maximum body dimensions & minimum height below.



95,00 €

  • 0,3 kg
  • Limited Availability
  • Delivery time: 48 hours -10 working days

Product Details

  • Sexy summer dress
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lace at the bottom
  • You can style the skirt part at the front and the back with laces
  • Smocked back with laces to tight the dress up
  • 100% natural cotton

Laundry & Storage

Extra instructions for organic fabrics (blockprints)

  • Hand or machine cold wash
  • Use a natural detergent
  • Please do not use vinegar on this natural dye.

Please do NOT hang the dress on its elastics while drying or storage.

Enjoy this dress as long as possible!

  • Remove the laces from the back or simply use a mesh laundry bag
  • Machine wash on 30 degrees
  • Gentle spin mode
  • Please do not let the dress dry on its elastics or in the bright sunshine

Please make sure the Cabaret fits


Minimum height: 155 cm, you can pull on laces to make the dress shorter 


EU sizes: 36 - around 40


Body maximum measurements

A : chest widest point is 105 cm, with bigger boobs you can wear a little top under it

B : maximum waist size is 90 cm

C : -

D : -