Eye of Awareness extended family

Nowadays there is a team behind me creating and making these dresses coming your way



Joke my sweet beautiful artist friend. She does make my creations to the next level. Tye dye like she does u hardly see anywhere and the sweet thing about joke is she is always unsure of the magic she does until I unpack the new dresses and call her up with tears in my eyes and tell how amazing her work is . Together we love to create pieces of art and I love her dearly as a friend ❤️

Goddess Photography

This beautiful strong woman with a natural eye for putting natural beauty on camera did me the honor of photographing my creations.. wath a blessing to have her on board and with little words spoken between us she captured my wish . So proud of these foto’s and so should she be . If you looking for an amazing professional funloving woman to work with Anouk is The one ..