Lucy Lacy

 Lucht lach is The shirt if you want to drown in fabric and spin around the dancefloor as that beautiful gipsy queen. Or that morning when you have to do normal things like ging to the supermarket and want to Just do it woth that extra swing in your heart and make this normal action into something special for yourself and therefore for others

Smart design for EU-sizes 36 - 44


Check maximum body dimensions & minimum height below.


125,00 €

  • 0,8 kg
  • Available
  • Delivery time: 48 hours -10 working days

Product Details

  • Skirt
  • Comfortable design
  • Lots of lace
  • Wooden rings to style
  • Smocked sides with laces to tight up

About this skirt

 This skirt is Made out of meters and meters of geourgous cottons and meters of lace.. Its a high waist skirt that i love to wear with a cute little top or under an Amazing dress .Also this design is Made with the wooden rings so u can shorten iT at the front and give Some sexy spice to the world by showing your legs or put another skirt under it so u have even more colours and Fabric .. Now we have a few colours but many more are on the Way ..


The Lucy Lacy can be worn by very tall women and just lower the skirt and wear iT as a low waist .. enjoy!

Make sure the Lucy Lacy fits


EU sizes: 38 - 46


Body maximum measurements

A : -

B : maximum waist size is 100 cm

C : maximum hip size is 115 cm

Laundry & Storage

Extra instructions for organic fabrics (blockprints)

  • Hand or machine cold wash
  • Use a natural detergent
  • Please do not use vinegar on this natural dye.

Please do NOT hang the dress on its elastics while drying or storage.

Enjoy this dress as long as possible!

  • Remove the laces from the back or simply use a mesh laundry bag
  • Machine wash on 30 degrees
  • Gentle spin mode
  • Please do not let the dress dry on its elastics or in the bright sunshine