Reach Out!

On our  festival journey i meet many amazing people all with their own life stories  ,some happy stories and some sad stories and in the time of our little encounters it is important to me to feel you and hear you and you all touch my heart ! 


In this lifetime i am blessed with my amazing bloodsister who chose the path of devoting her life helping women and men around the world by learning with full devotion the tradition of sacred medicine work in all directions...  I want to introduce you to her .


My sister  practices healing with the help of mother earth..Speaking the language of mother nature and working with medicines of mother nature.

Since i feel this work is very important and helps me find my way in darkness to light i really want to share these links with you ...

Dance of Life

Angelique works with many methods like breathwork, trancedance and all kinds of medicineplants .

She goes to the jungle every year and participates in many rituals and learns more every year .

She holds circles all over europe ..


Kambo Amsterdam

kambo is a beautiful medecine and when you would like to know more ....