Gothic Goddess Dress

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Goddess Dress





  • Long dress.
  • Very long pointy sleeves.
  • Wooden rings to style.
  • Smocked back with laces to tight the dress up.
  • In natural cotton, embroidered cotton and printed natural cotton.
  • Underskirt (as showed on some pictures) is not included.
  • Combine it with other dress, underskirt or wear plain.


This dress is for approximately EU sizes 36 to 46, but please always check the armhole size (scroll down for the measurement info).


 Attention: some pictures are showed with an extra underskirt/dress


150,00 €

  • 1 kg
  • Not available. Please contact if you like to know it/when the item comes back

Combine this dress

Natural cotton

This is a natural cotton (the dye is not). A relief appears when you hold it against the light. It is beautiful!

Embroidered cotton

This is a  beautiful embroidered fabric. It is made of natural cotton. The dye is not.

How to put on this dress?

When you put on this dress for the first time, please watch this tutorial video. But do not worry, we ensure you that you get used to it very quick!

Laundry instructions

It is our pleasure to help you with this maintenance instructions because we like you to enjoy this dress as long as possible!

  • Machine wash on 30°C.
  • Remove the laces from the back or simply use a mesh laundry bag.
  • Gentle spin mode.
  • Please do not let the dress dry on its elastics or in the bright sunshine.

Because of the fabric weight it is important NOT to hang the dress on the elastics.


Thank you.

Measurement info




Please make sure the Gothic Goddess Dress fits


Minimum height: 170 cm, and the dress is easily shortened with the sewing machine



A : widest point 105 cm

B : maximum waist size is 90 cm

C : -



D: maximum armhole size is 32 cm