Moulin Rouge Dress

Sweet Moulin Rouge | High Quality Fabric


Attention: please check the current fabrics below


The sweet moulin rouge!Still one of Eye Of Awareness favorites.I love this design because i can wear it in many occasions and i feel good ,comfortable and damm sexy.U can wear it at night with some killer boots or sexy heels.U can her barefoot to the beach or go shopping with a slipper .In this collection she comes in a beautiful Natural Dye Hand block printed fabric,Embroidery cotton or crazy beautiful machine print fabric ...enjoy chicas 



  • Cabaret dress.
  • Short sleeves.
  • Smocked back with laces to tight the dress up.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Underskirt (as showed on some pictures) is not included.
  • Combine it with other dress, underskirt or wear plain.


This dress is for approximately EU sizes 36 to 40 (attention: for everyone who knows the version of the latest collections. This one is definitely smaller), please scroll down to check the measurement info about height, armholes and body in cm:

Make sure the Sweet Moulin Rouge fits Chest/Borst: max. 100 cm (cup C/D) Waist/Taille: max. 95 cm Armhole/bovenarm: max. 32 cm

165,00 €

  • 0,85 kg
  • Not available. Please contact if you like to know it/when the item comes back

Current embroidered cotton

How to put on this dress?

When you put on this dress for the first time, please watch this tutorial video. But do not worry, we ensure you that you get used to it very quick!

Laundry instructions

It is our pleasure to help you with this maintenance instructions because we like you to enjoy this dress as long as possible!

  • Hand or machine cold wash
  • Remove the laces from the back or simply use a mesh laundry bag
  • Gentle spin mode
  • Please do not let the dress dry on its elastics or in the bright sunshine

Because of the fabric weight it is smart NOT to hang the dress on the elastics.

Measurement info




Please make sure the Sweet Moulin Rouge Dress fits


Minimum height: 163 cm



A : widest point 100 cm (cup C/D)

B : maximum waist size is 85 cm

C : -



D: maximum armhole size is 32 cm