My Journey Around The World

Sometimes i feel like Alice in wonderland on the never ending yellow brick road! Around every corner there is a sweet adventure


People and places

Through traveling i meet great people and enjoy to deal with them buying their fabrics and sharing my ideas to see than after my little Dreams coming allive in a beautiful new collection every year And because we meet for almost 20 years now it feels so familiar, like family

Fabrics and designs

For collecting my fabrics i basically travel all over India to collect the best fabrics i can .My preference are natural fabrics and handblockprinted natural cottons or embroidery cottons which is an expensive taste but makes me feel good .There are to many fabrics  really bad for mother earth nowadays everything must be cheap and fake .Designing i basically do all year in my head .Never went to school for this .I Just work with a really good Taylor team Who understands my vision 

Festivals and happy costumers

I love the whole cycle of my job .buying fabrics, maling New collection and than the strawberry on top! When i get to dress and pamper you ladies and see you twirl in action that brengservice tears to my eyes that my little seeds of creation flower,to such Joy and Fullfilment and than when i receive your Joy in gratitude and hugs and smiley faces that brengservice me Joy. And the fact that these days this label can support quote amfew lives and my family in all direction also makes me happy. Bless you